Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Philmont Training

Two years ago, when we were just newlyweds, Husband left me for two weeks and went hiking with a bunch a boys at Philmont Scout Ranch.  Well, he's bound and determined to do it again.  He wants to go so bad he can hardly stand it.  He wants to go so bad he's bending over backward to make it happen.

It's a good thing we've been hiking so much.  We love the trails on South Mountain, especially that they're so close.  There are so many to choose from, we've hardly done the same trail more than a few times and there are still some we haven't tried.  The latest trail we took was Geronimo Trail and boy was it a sucker.  

 Hyrum is an A#1 (Hitch)Hiker

Stormy days make for great hiking days if you can beat the rain!

Besides hiking, Husband is also riding his bike back and forth to work when he works in the daylight hours.  That'll be five days this week!  He's a very stinky beast.  Hooray for saving money on gas!  Speaking of which, I've been walking everywhere I can lately.  Hyrum and I go in the early morning to take care of the house I'm watching for the summer and yesterday we walked four miles round trip to grab a couple things from the grocery store.  I'm all for going back to the days when cars didn't exist and everything you needed was relatively close-by.  Modern travel has it's perks, though.


  1. Love it! Good luck on getting to philmont hike! :)

  2. My husband LOVES to hike too!! Anything outdoors really...if we weren't leaving in a couple of weeks I'd say we should start something up! A date...or somethin...:)

  3. Aaaaahhhhhhh! Hyrums (hitch)hiker pictures so cute! Gotta love that boy.


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