Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Comedic Moments

We've had a few comedic moments around here lately.

Let's start off with the things I do when I'm half asleep and in charge of the children.  Seriously?  Her onsie flaps are hangin' out and she's got socks pulled up over her leggings.  I remember changing a diaper and thinking her feet were cold, but by golly!  Oh the life of a momma night nurse.

Speaking of being a momma night nurse.  On Monday night all of us nurses just laughed until we cried because there were so many Code Browns back to back and all at the same time and all night long and it got to the point where you either just laugh or you have to cry.  And then I while I was mopping last night I just giggled out loud to myself thinking about that patient who told me my husband was such a lucky guy.  A lucky guy because I'll be Nurse Brown taking care of his Code Browns when he gets old.

Oh and my silly husband...I need an "alternate" wedding ring.  Since Lindi was born I have lost a lot of weight.  One side effect is that my wedding ring is particularly loose.  I got especially nervous about this after one of the nurses lost his wedding ring down the laundry shoot at work the other day, never more to be seen.  So, I requested a new ring, just a tungsten carbide band. $14.99 on Amazon.  Tonight Husband says to me,
"Go ahead and order your ring on the 1st."
"I'm not ordering it!"
"I'm not going to buy my own wedding ring!!"
"Ok then, but I'll use your money."
Funny.  Mostly because it's pretty true. ;)

And we can't forget to mention Hyrum.  Today he told me he needed medicine.  Vaseline is my medicine of choice these days.  Today he needed it on his side because he "had too much fun."

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Enough Catching Up

Thank goodness I've caught up on the blog.  Posts with a million pictures and no stories are just bleh! 

Life has been busy around here.  What's new?  We have days where we think life is pretty grand and other when we feel pretty low, but even on our low days, we're grateful for what we have, most of all, for each other!

So far this month, we have paid of 14% of the student loans we had as of January 1, 2014!!  The loan with the highest interest rate is completely gone.  We are pretty confident that we can have all student loans gone by October.  Whoop!  You know what that means?  Cutting down to part time!  

Husband is well under way with his second semester teaching for BYU-Idaho.  He's still loving it, probably even more this time, seeing as how he's cut down his total hours invested by about 5-6 hours a week.  A lot of work he did last year doesn't have to be repeated this semester.  It's refreshing.  He's also the online course representative now.  He's in charge of brainstorming ideas for how to make the course better.

Hyrum has learned about his heart this month.  Last week he had the following conversation with Grannie:
Hyrum: My heart is you have a heart?
Grannie: Yes, everyone has a heart.
Hyrum: Does Lindi have a heart?
Grannie: Yes, Lindi has a little baby heart.
Hyrum: And I have a big boy heart, and you have a Grannie heart.
That just about melts your heart, doesn't it?  He's also been fascinated by testimonies lately.  Every time he hears the word testimony he lights up, "Mom! Testimony!"  We have spent the last two Family Home Evenings talking about testimonies and helping him practice bearing his testimony,

Lindi is an army crawler.  She can push herself just about anywhere with her feet.  She gives the best grins.  She's also a monster and quite a pain to carry around.  Luckily she loves riding in the cart at the grocery stores and she draws a crowd of snow-birds without fail.  Too bad they think she's a boy.  Darn bald head.  We need to invest in some new bows that fit her head...

I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that we kinda live in the ghetto.  The police 'copter was flying overhead tonight and even flashed me with his searchlight.  Sigh...I love this house.

P.S. We went to Waffle Love for date night last night. (Yes, we do date night just about any night of the week. You have to be creative with a schedule like ours.)  It was delicious.  Follow them on Instagram @waffluvaz to find out where they will be!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Upgrading the Christmas Tree

Upgrading our house meant it was time to upgrade the Christmas tree.  No more 4 foot Christmas tree for us!

Hyrum really enjoyed Christmas and all of the festivities this year.

 It's also fun to put those blue ornaments on the tree each year.  They are from the centerpieces for our wedding reception!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Sorry for the picture overload, but our kids were definitely cuter in November than they were in October, or even September for that matter, so I thought you should know about it...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Moving in

Moving in is exhausting work.  Serious hard work.  The kind of hard work that just wipes you out!  Good thing this was our last move for a long while.  We are so excited that we were able to buy a house of our own.

Hyrum quickly claimed his room as his own.  It's been great to have our own space and plenty of it.

We love our house.  We love our new ward.  We're excited to see how our family grows as we live in this house.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Price Wedding

We started the month of November by celebrating my best friend Lindsay's wedding.  I met Lindsay in nursing school and we quickly became best friends.  I don't know if we would have survived without each other.  It was a special treat to be a part of her marriage to Cole.

Husband was a trooper and took care of the kids a majority of the weekend while I participated in all the different wedding activities.

When I bought Lindi's dress months before, I bought it extra large, just to be safe that it would fit.  We were lucky that she was able to squeeze into it just one more time!

It was a fun weekend and a special day for the Prices!  We're so glad we got to be a part of it.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Who am I kidding?

Forget catching up on the last three months of the year, it would seem I missed blogging the entire month of September as well.  So pardon the fact that things are going to be a little out of order here, but I want who would want to miss September?

We went to the Diamondbacks game.  It was the fourth anniversary of Husband and I going to the Diamondbacks game when he came out to visit for the first time (even though we realized that after we were already there, we're not romantic enough to do something like that on purpose).

 Thanks for the photo bomb, Pops.

Hyrum decided to make his own chocolate milk.  Not very successfully.

 Luckily, I've tried to be the kind of mom who laughs, takes pictures, and cleans up memories.

 Lindi is just a doll.

 A doll who is just the master of tummy time.

 We soaked up the last few trips to the splash pad.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Rest of October 2013

More of October, just real quick.

 We were still living at Grannie and Pops' house, in Uncle Bryton's room.

 Lindi thought Dad was a scary driver.  The kids spent a lot of time in the car picking Dad up at work and dropping Mom off and picking Mom up and dropping Dad off...they still do.

 Hyrum inevitably got ahold of a marker...

The park remained one of our favorite places to be.