Monday, March 31, 2014

My Friend

A few weeks ago, Hyrum got to spend the evening with Grannie, Pops, and "the kiddos."  They couldn't get over how funny he was...

Grannie:  I'm tired.
Hyrum: You worked last night?

Pops: Hyrum, do you have an uncle.
Hyrum: No.
Pops: Yes, you do.  Hayden is your uncle.
Hyrum: No. Hayden is my friend first.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Riverview Fishin'

Since Grandpa Brown bought us a fishing license, we decided we had better put it to good use.  So, we picked up some Cafe Rio to-go and headed over to the new Riverview Park.  It sure was a pretty place to park, especially with the sun setting.  We didn't catch any fish, but maybe that's what we get for using fake bait.  We certainly saw them making ripples in the water and the guy next to us caught a nice sized one.  Maybe next time we'll stop and pick up some worms.  Regardless, we had a great time hanging out as a family.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Family Hikes

Arizona springtime means it's time to hit the trails and hike.  We've been exploring more of South Mountain lately.  It has become a fun family tradition.  Lindi loves riding in the hiking pack and never puts up any fuss.  Hyrum is a trooper and keeps up pretty well.  We learned the hard way not to let the 2 year old be the "water guy" and carry the Camelpack. Result: No water left halfway into the hike and a declaration of "I leaked!"  Luckily we were at the end of our hike when the second came true.

Hyrum has also recently learned how to write the letter "H."  It has been so fun to watch him make new discoveries.  He continually amazes us with the things he says and knows!