Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Staying Home

As many of you may know, recently President Barack Obama made the following statement:

"Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make."
How sad.  How sad that he feels that way.  How sad for anyone to feel that way.

My response is that maybe there are more moms out there who wish they could stay home with the kids instead of staying in the workplace.  I have certainly met my share.

It makes me grateful for my decision to stay home with my kids and most especially, that I had the freedom to make that choice!  I am grateful for Husband's employment that sufficiently meets our needs.  I am grateful that we consciously make the choice to live within our means over and over again!  I am grateful that Husband supports me in my decision to stay home,  How blessed I am!


Movies on Main: free snow cones, free popcorn, free movie

The mosquito won. 

 Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube (look it up!)

 Edible paint fun!

Seriously!  I just love them!  

Monday, November 3, 2014

When I Grow Up

When we moved to Rowlett, I had the opportunity to become visiting teaching companions with an amazing woman.  She has since become a very good friend.  From the very beginning, I told Husband, "When I grow up, I want to be just like Adrienne."  I still think that from time to time.

This morning she called me, "Have you heard about the music class for kids?"

"Yes, but Tony works Monday mornings and we only have the one car so I hadn't really planned on going."

"Can I pick you guys up?"

See what I mean?  That's the kind of friend I want to be!

She's always willing to tote me and the kids around as we go visit teach or join the play group or go to music class.  She tries her darnedest to be a fantastic visiting teacher who is truly concerned for her sisters.  She texts after a big storm to make sure all is well.  She is continually thinking about others and reminding me of the attributes of Christ that I want to develop!

Thank you, Adrienne, for your wonderful example of love and discipleship!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Luna Trip

Every Labor Day weekend, the Gibbons family gathers at the head of the ditch in Luna, New Mexico.  I hadn't thought much about it until my sister mentioned going that weekend.  All of a sudden, all I could think about was how much I wanted to be there.  Husband had to work, but it was only a 12 hour drive.  Surely the kids and I could do that, right?  For two days in the mountains?  With my family? 

I set my mind to it.  We were going.

Husband thought that maybe he should take some time off and go along.  He didn't like the idea of us driving across two states by ourselves.  He was probably right.

I drove most of the way.  Tony can't drive at night if his life depends on it.  He just gets too dang sleepy.  Trouble was, he couldn't sleep while I was driving because every little bump in the road made him jump.  Whenever I swerved to miss a bunny (which was ridiculously often) he would wake up saying, "Are you ok?"  So, when he did drive, I had to stay awake to keep him awake.  Bleh!  It made for a rough drive, but we made it by morning and then of course I was too excited to be there to sleep!

My mom and the kids arrived later that day.  We hadn't told them we were coming, so it was a surprise.  My mom's first response was "You punk!"  I loved just being able to be with her for a short while.  I miss that mother of mine.

The kids had fun playing with my cousins and with Anzlie, the other great-grandchild of the bunch.  There was plenty of dirt, mud, a creek, crawdads, and ring pops (supplied by Grams and Papa, of course).  We ate lots of yummy food, enjoyed cooler weather, and just plain had a good time.  

Now, next year we have to go again for Grams and Papa's 50th anniversary!  Woohoo!  Hooray for a wonderful example of love and dedication to family!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Does Your Bed Ever Look Like This?

Does your bed ever look like this by morning?  Or even halfway through the night?

Husband is convinced that when Baby #3 comes around there won't be any room for him anymore.  Luckily things have been a little better lately.  This is a rare occasion, rather than the norm.  We've also gone over a week with no bedtime accidents for Hyrum!  Woohoo!  We still have to wake him up in the middle of the night, but it is totally worth it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FHE Baseball

One of the things we love most about the house we're renting is how close it is to everything.

Library 0.25 miles
Wet Zone 0.75 miles
Baseball/Football/Soccer Fields 0.2 miles
Community Center 0.7 miles
Park 0.75 miles

What more can a mom and two kids with no car ask for?

So, FHE at the baseball fields is a pretty easy thing to do.  The kids had a blast, we got a little exercise in, and we were covered in red dirt by the end of the evening.

Monday, October 6, 2014


My Hyrum is just the best.

First of all he is a stud muffin,

He's also an author and illustrator.

He memorizes poems like a pro.

And he's a fan of ice bucket challenges.

We sure do love this kid.  He gets better every day.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mesquite Rodeo

Grandma and Grandpa Brown are always ready for sharing adventures with the kids.  This time we made a trip to the Mesquite Rodeo.  It was fun, despite Lindi wanting to have free reign of the bleachers.  My favorite part was watching the only legal form of child abuse in Texas (putting your kid on top of a sheep and letting it run free)!  The announcers made the whole night enjoyable with their wise cracks and jokes.  I loved it!

Something I want my kids to always remember is how much their Grandma loves horses.  She shared the following with us:

In high school, my uncle LN Johnson gave me my first horse, Cannonball. To have a horse of my own was a dream I had from the time I knew what a horse was. Cannonball was a reject because he was too slow and none of LN's kids wanted him. He was just an ugly plow horse. What they didn't know was that he had a specific skill set. With that skill set, we rose to the top of the high school rodeo world and my senior year, we won the regional championship and later that same year won the district 4-H championship and advanced to the state championship. Not too bad for a girl that had to borrow a saddle and rent a horse trailer. We competed against girls that had very expensive trailers with their names painted across them and their saddles and bridles and clothes were beautiful. Their trailers were pulled by color coordinated pickups. We would drive up with a very humble, ugly trailer pulled by a paneled van. We were an eye-sore but we could compete and win against all those fancy high dollar horses. It was a miracle.

I love that.  I love it because she was passionate about it and she was good, but she was forced to be humble.  I want my kids to always strive to be the best, even if they aren't the fanciest or the richest.