Monday, April 30, 2012

Dead, Mostly Dead, and Not So Dead

Every month the pest control company comes out to our house and sprays inside and out.  You would think we would be bug free.  That's the goal anyway, right?  Is that too much to ask here in the desert?

Well, this month they came and Husband told them we found a mostly dead scorpion in the family room and a very large spider in the kitchen since their last visit.  The bug guy's reply?  "At least it was mostly dead."  That kinda irked me.  Mostly dead doesn't cut it with a toddler roaming around.  Not in my opinion.

Well...the next day I found a very dead bee by the sliding glass door in the family room.  One bee?  Eh.  I can handle that.  "At least I found it before Hyrum did" I said as I disposed of him. 

The next day, Hyrum and I were playing in the family room and all of a sudden he is CRYING.  I rush over to find a not so dead bee crawling around by him.  Frantic, I call my mom.  We determine that the bee must have just scared him, not stung him, since he calmed down fairly quickly, I can't find any red bumps, and  because the bee looks intact and is still alive.  So, I kill that sucker of a bee and say "That's for scaring my boy and for scaring the heck out of me."

Well, upon closer examination, I found 13 dead bees by that door. THIRTEEN!  "At least they were dead," right?  Stupid.

That was not the end of them, however.  Since then we have found at least five more bees -- dead and not so dead.

Needless to say I've become a little paranoid.  I'm constantly checking the floor before I let Hyrum down to play.  Every once in a while I get that "Ah! What's on me?!" feeling when there's nothing there at all...It's getting to be a little bit ridiculous.

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  1. So with you on this one! Luckily we haven't had so many yet this year, but we have a scorpion problem over here! I always make sure I look before I set Berlyn down in the family room. But bees????? That's crazy! You must have a bee hive close by? Yikes! -Tycee


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