Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mothering Moment

Yesterday I had what I would like to call a mothering moment-- one of those times where you just feel overwhelmed with joy because you have been blessed to be a mother...

I had warmed up some corn, peas, carrots, and green beans for Little Boy's dinner.  He wasn't interested, though.  He decided it was much more fun to throw the vegetables.  I decided to try to warm them a bit more (maybe they were still too cold?).  I then put the bowl back on his tray and leaned over to blow on them.  Hyrum decided that this meant I wanted some, so he grabbed a handful of veggies and stuffed them in my mouth.  I know it's kinda silly, but I just loved him so much, right then as we both giggled together.

 Notice the carrots and corn he's sitting on?  
That's his trick.  He makes Momma think he's eating his dinner like a good boy 
and I give him more and more and more and then when I get him out of the high chair
 I realize he's actually eaten very little... 

Come to find out, he just wasn't interested in dinner at all.  He didn't want pears, graham crackers, or french fries either.

I'm so lucky to be the Momma of this blue eyed baby.  There are moments when I wish I could just let him run free while I take a nap because he's run me completely out of energy, but then I have a mothering moment-- a moment of deep satisfaction and love.  These moments are enough to boost me up and pull me through.


  1. hahaha i can just see your baby throwing food in your face :) what a cutie!

  2. That is funny and cute! Kids do the darndest things


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