Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Best Friend Time

I have a best friend.  Her name is Lindsay.  We met in nursing school.  We help each other survive.  We are really sad because next semester we will be split up... We will still be best friends, though.  No matter what.

Lindsay invited us to come to a Diamondbacks game last night.  She and Cole (they're going to get married someday) had free tickets.  It was a lot of fun to watch the game, visit, and just be best friends.

Hyrum did surprisingly well.  He was content to people watch, cluck his tongue, and poke at the holes in Lindsay's pants.  I was afraid he wouldn't want to sit in one place for so long, but he just stood right in front of me or sat on our laps and was happy as can be.

Do you notice how Hyrum is never looking at the camera?  He was way to distracted.  He was enthralled by all of the people and the noise.  I think they lady behind us was making faces at him or something because he kept giving her big ol' grins.  A kid not too far from us had a rattle and Hyrum was convinced that was probably the coolest thing ever.

Thanks Lindsay and Cole for a fun night at the ballpark!

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