Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Report on Graduation

Hooray for this handsome guy!  He officially graduated!

Graduation was great [at least what I saw of it].  Hyrum made it through the first few speeches and I think through most of the last-name-beginning-with-B's before he and I had to step out.  That was terrible.  He didn't want me to hold him...he didn't even want to run around like a crazy person.  He was intent on climbing the stairs.  Those nasty, thousands of feet have stepped on me, stairs.  I wasn't about to let him, especially because it wouldn't be fun to plummet down those steep, cement stairs.  And so he wailed.  And wailed.  And WAILED.  I was lucky to be able to stick my head in and hear "Bryton Dane Shinkle" announced.

He could have cared less about posing for pictures, too.  He wanted to be free!  He wanted to run and get all those little boy wiggles out.

Speaking of future graduations, we were all getting a little weirded out when we started calculating how old we will be when Hayden graduates from high school.  I'll be 34...weird.  Hyrum will be 14...He'll be starting high school himself!

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  1. Congrats to Bryton! The joys of motherhood! :)


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