Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We have been married for 117 days! Just wanted to let everyone know that we still love each other.

Here are 13 reasons why Jeri Lin loves Tony:
1. He makes my bed for me.
2. He is so very handsome.
3. He stays up with me when I'm working late on homework even though I don't stay up late with him when he's planning his seminary lessons.
4. He takes me to Cheesecake Factory even when it costs more than On the Border.
5. He goes hiking with me.
6. He makes me go to school even when I don't want to.
7. He is silly. He makes silly faces.
8. He lets me sing Primary songs to him.
9. He forgives me when I forget to put the corn tortillas in the green chili enchiladas and it makes soup instead of enchiladas.
10. He lets me go back to bed every morning before institute.
11. He teaches me new things, like how to play softball.
12. He goes to the TEMPLE with me often and he lets me obsess over FAMILY HISTORY.
13. He loves me!

Want a little proof?  (Here is a little input from Tony)
  1. I Love Jeri Lin because she runs and plays with me.
  2. I love Jeri Lin because she is gorgeous!
  3.  I love Jeri Lin because she helps me be better at teaching Seminary.
  4. I LOVE Jeri Lin because she lets me share her bed with her. 
  5.  I love jeri lin because she is brilliant!
  6. I love Jeri Lin because she is a great kisser.
  7. I love Jeri Lin because she makes us delicious food!
  8. I love Jeri Lin because she takes me to play baseball.
  9. I love Jeri Lin because she teaches nursery
  10. I love Jeri Lin because she let me take her to the temple.
  11. I love Jeri Lin because we have visited 8 temples together (so far).
  12. I love Jeri Lin because she is the best.
  13.  I love Jeri Lin.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Tony, myself, my mom, my dad, Bryton, and his date Lexi went on a big group date in early April. Some friends of ours throw a big Luau every year, complete with food and Polynesian dancers. We had a ton of fun. We especially loved watching the dancers, though. Here are a few videos. The first is the fire dancer and the second is of Tony and Bryton learning the Haka!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Las Vegas

Our trip home from Utah ended up being a two day trip for two reasons.

Reason #1: Tony doesn't like late-night driving
Reason #2: We wanted to visit the St. George and Las Vegas Temples

My mom helped us get a place to stay in Vegas so we could do this. It was a really nice place just off of the strip. Thanks again, Mom!

We went and ate at the Green Valley Buffet that night. It was delicious. It made us feel fat.

We walked The Strip for a little while after that. It was Spring Break. It was scary. There were weird people. We felt a little skinnier afterward. Our favorite part was probably M&M World.

We'll just say that The Strip isn't our favorite place ever but we had fun. We were amazed at the stark contrast between it and the temple. I hope that as this contrast become more and more distinct that maybe it will be easier for people to recognize and appreciate the joy that the gospel can bring into your life.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Temple Square

Tony and I spent a whole day on Temple Square this last March. First, we went to the Salt Lake Temple, which you can read about in our last update. We also went and toured the Conference Center. What a special place! President Hinckley truly was inspired to build this building. So many are able to come listen to a prophets voice within its walls!

We also went inside the Tabernacle. I had never been inside before. I was amazed at how small it was! No wonder we needed the Conference Center.

We spent some time in the visitor's center and also went to the new Church History Library. It was a beautiful day. We are so grateful to members of the Lord's church. We hope that each day we can become more like Him.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break: Part III (Temples)

Tony and I love to see the temple!

We have a goal to visit every temple in the world. It's an ambitious goal, we know, but "with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37. Prior to this trip, we had already performed ordinances in four different temples together (Nauvoo, Mesa, Dallas, and San Antonio). By the end of Spring Break, we had doubled this number. We visited the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, Salt Lake Temple, St. George Temple, and Las Vegas Temple.

The Oquirrh Mountain temple has the most impressive chandeliers I have ever seen. We went to this temple with Tony's parents on the same day we did the Murder Mystery. We did an endowment session and we also sealed seven siblings to their parents that day. I am so grateful for the family history my mother-in-law does. There's something special about going to the temple to do work for your own family.

Tony and I went to the Salt Lake Temple on the Monday we were in Utah. Tony's parents had already flown home and Kemp and Whitney were back at work so it was a great way to spend our day together. It was my first experience in a live session. It was so neat to think about how much work the early Saints put into this magnificent temple.

We made a special trip to the St. George Temple on our drive home. This temple was similar to Salt Lake in that it was one of the first built. The Saints sacrificed so much for its building. We must learn the importance of the temple from their faith.

Our second stop on our trip home was in Las Vegas. Tony and I could not believe what a beautiful temple it was! The pictures do not do it justice! It is one of my very favorites. Not only is the exterior absolutely beautiful, the celestial room is stunning. Everything is spotlessly white. Another experience we had at this temple occurred out on temple grounds. We were walking around and all of a sudden a group of young adults started singing. It was as if angels had descended! It was perhaps the most beautiful music we had ever heard! It added a special spirit to our temple trip that day.

Eight down...a lot more to go...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break: Part II (Murder Mystery)

While in Utah, Whitney and Kemp took us to a Murder Mystery Dinner Show at a little Italian place in Ogden. I had always wanted to go to one, so it was fun to finally go. The actors did a magnificent job. As we ate, they came to each individual table and interacted with us and then also had little performances spread out throughout the night. Kemp was chosen to be an undercover cop. He had to go up to the front when the victim died and marked the ground with tape.

At the end of the night we were given a chance to get up and ask each of the characters questions so that we could figure out "who-done-it." Those who guessed correctly were entered into a drawing. We all got it right and Kemp and Dr. Brown's names were drawn.

Another successful outing with the Brown Family.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break: Part I

Since we haven't posted in a while and there is SO MUCH we need to catch up on, expect tons of posts in the next week or so. To start with, though...
Tony and I took off around noon on March 11th and headed to Lehi, Utah, where Kemp and Whitney live. On our first day there, my mother-in-law and Whitney took me on my birthday shopping trip. It was a lot of fun! They helped me find a lot of really cute outfits!
After shopping we went picked up our snowboarding gear, ate lunch, and headed up to Sundance for night skiing. We had a ton of fun snowboarding. I had never been before. Everyone else knew what they were doing so they said, "Let's go!" and we skipped the bunny hill. The first run down was tough but I eventually got the hang of it.
My mean husband made me go to the very tippy-top of the mountain for our last run down. That would have been fine, had there not been a precipitous edge all along the trail! It was scary.
Kemp was my #1 coach. I can't believe he was as patient with me as he was. I would still be stranded on that hill if it weren't for him. Thanks Kemp!
Whitney was the cutest snowboarder I ever did see.
This is where I spent a lot of quality time...on my bottom. I had bruises to prove it.
Mom and Dad Brown were our two skiers. They made it down the mountain in some ridiculously short amount of time.
We had so much fun in the snow! We can't wait to go again!