Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sub Zero

As you know, Husband has been working at the Home Depot for almost a year and a half now.  It has been such a blessing, but it hasn't put us on the right trajectory.  It is helping us meet our short term needs, but not helping us meet our long term goals.  Lately we've been feeling restless...something needs to change.  We're just not sure how, so we've been brainstorming.

One of our ideas was to start a Sub Zero Ice Cream store.  Sub Zero uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze their ice cream right before your eyes.  Pick whether you want ice cream, custard, or yogurt (among other options), choose your flavor (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, watermelon, cheesecake, Mountain Dew...the list goes on), choose your mix-ins (candy, fruit, brownies, cheesecake chunks, etc.), and last of all, decide how you want it frozen (soft, medium, or hard).  It's downright amazing and it tastes so good.

So we've been researching their franchise.  Part of that research included a trip up to Utah (where they were founded) to meet the corporate people, see a bunch of their stores, learn more about what they do and how they do it, as well as ask questions.  So Husband and I left Little Boy behind with Grannie and his Aunties and went on a road trip.  We finished reading Robinson Crusoe and read two thirds of The Thief Lord during our travels.  I love that family tradition.   

On Monday we met with Sub Zero.  This meant driving from Spanish Fork to Orem.  We stopped at five various stores throughout Utah.  At each store they offered to buy us an ice cream... "Don't you want to try something different?"  It was kinda fun.  I found a new favorite flavor [cheesecake and caramel flavoring, cheesecake chunks, and brownies].  At the first store I ate a small (except for the waffle cone).  At the second store I ate two thirds of a small (no waffle cone).  At the third store I ordered a kids size and only ate half of it.  At the fourth store I utterly refused to try anything.  At the fifth store I got a frozen lemonade because I was parched.

Note:  This picture was taken after the second store, with mine and Tony's cups. 
 I did not look this happy later in the day.

It was really good for us to go up and learn more about this company.  The funny thing is, we were really excited about it and were ready to move onto the next step, but we had also been praying for the Spirit to guide us and help us decide what was best for our family.  By the time we crawled into bed late Tuesday night (after giving our boy our loves) we were both feeling that maybe Sub Zero wasn't what we should do right now.  

And so, the adventure continues.  What does the Lord have in store for us?  

"Patient endurance permits us to cling to our faith in the Lord and our faith in His timing." --Neal A. Maxwell

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