Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Boy Antics

I am bound and determined to get this blog caught up.  I hate playing catch up, but I want this to be a good record of the Browns so that someday my kids can look back and know what life was like as a little one.  I remember trying to complete those little projects in elementary school where you had to write about your life.  My mom did the best she could to help me out, but the journal she had started for me kinda fizzled out.  Hopefully I don't fizzle.

 This one cracked me up.  He walked around the house like this for probably half an hour.

 His boots (scavenged from the Boy Scout rummage sale) are still way too big, but I couldn't resist.

 You know you're a seasoned mother when you see this and say "At least the toilet wasn't open!"

 Hyrum loves his awesome green ball.  It's perfect for kicking, throwing, bouncing, name it.

Another important milestone to mention are Hyrum's sleeping habits.  When he was a teeny tiny wee one, you could wrap him up tight, lay him in his bed, and he would put himself to sleep.  That lovely habit was sabotaged by Dad and Grannie when Momma went back to school.  They spoiled him rotten.  I'll let you know, however, that I've practically cured him now that school is out.  I give him a kiss and a hug, don't forget the binky, and put him in his bed and he'll put himself to sleep.  Sweet victory!

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  1. He is so cute! Shame on them for spoiling your boy! :)


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