Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boys and Balls

I think Hyrum picked a favorite toy from Christmas.  He loves this little O-Ball!  He loves to throw it, chase after it, place catch...Whitney captured this fun little moment.

Grandma Brown, loved his little wind-up!
Baseball player in the making!

Wow! What a bounce!

I love being this little guy's Momma!  He is so much fun! He loves to play and he loves to grin.  Pops says he has a crooked grin (just like his Daddy)!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Sister-in-Law

5 Reasons Why I Love my Sister-in-Law

1.  She did my hair on my wedding day!  It was perfect!  it was exactly what I wanted and she did it just because she was glad her brother was FINALLY getting married.
2.  She taught me how to shop (At least she's given me a few courses in it.  By no means have I become as good as she.)
3.  She gave me my first niece ever and she is the cutest little bug you will ever see.
4.  She loves me, despite our differences. 
5. She takes the bestest pictures with her fancy-pants camera.  We never miss a moment when we're together because we trade all the millions of pictures we take.  Here are some shots she captured. [Note: A lot of the pictures from recent posts have been from her as well!]

Thanks, Whitney!  We love you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cousins, Grandparents, and Just Plain Cute

[Maybe one of these days I'll get caught up on blogging...]

I think the best part about Christmas in Texas was having the whole family together.  It had been a while since the babies had been together and while we are grateful for video chats, they just don't cut it!  The last time Jacie and Hyrum were together, it was a big deal that Jacie was rolling over.  That's a long time!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown LOVED spending time with the babes!

Jacie was always going a million miles an hour and sometimes Hyrum was just in her way!  It was so funny to watch!  Hyrum's face is about how he felt about it every time.  We're lucky he didn't get too upset about it.

Dad?  What is she doing?

Grandma and Grandpa Brown are the best.  They always spoil us when we come, or when they come to see us.  They call to chat multiple times a week.  They're always so interested in what we're up to.  They sure wish we could all live together!  That sure would be fun.

We're so glad we were able to spend Christmas together with the Browns and Goodwins! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning...I'm dying to go see what Santa brought us...and Hyrum is fast asleep!  I was so anxious.  It was his first Christmas!  What was he thinking?!  Wake up!

Well, he finally woke up and we went out to see what Santa had brought.  Hyrum got a train made out of blocks. Dad got a double, flippin' waffle maker. [You should come over and eat waffles with us.  I'm dying to try out some chocolate chip waffles and some waffles with strawberries.]  Santa brought me a new knife set.  It is so wonderful for cutting and chopping and other kitchen-y cook-y things.

In the Brown Family, you add a new design to your stocking each year--something that represents that year for you.  In 2009, Tony put the Nauvoo temple, I put a Nauvoo star.  Last year, he put wedding rings, I put a wedding cake.  This year, Tony put scriptures (for seminary) and I put  a baby carriage.  Hyrum started his stocking this year with a "First Christmas" ornament on it.  It's such a fun tradition.

We thought Hyrum would love the unwrapping part of Christmas.  He'd been climbing all over boxes, shredding newspaper, and making messes for weeks!  Why wouldn't he like unwrapping presents.

But he mostly just gave us the "Really?  Do I have to?  This is so overrated." look.

He much preferred playing with his new toys.  He was spoiled rotten!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve in Houston

Whenever we can, Husband and I love to go to Houston.  We've been especially anxious to go ever since Hyrum was born because we wanted him to meet his Great-Grandpa Burgess.  Grandpa is 89 years old!  When we got to the nursing home, Tony went in to Grandpa's room.  When Grandpa saw him he whooped and hollered  "Tony Brown!!" and whooped and hollered!  It was a happy reunion.  Tony is his favorite and everyone knows it!

When I took Hyrum in to meet Grandpa he told me I was "beautiful to the bone" just like Hyrum.  Oh, how I love Walter Burgess!  I'm so glad that I'm sealed to him--that he's my grandpa too!

Tony's Aunt Annette and Uncle Mickey live in Houston with their kids.  It's always fun to get together with them as well.  I love the family that I married into!

 Hyrum sportin' Patrick's Albania hat.

 OH!  Aunt Annette didn't put a cage around the tree!

 Grandpa and his girls, Trenda and Annette.

 Ina (Patrick's fiancee from Albania), Patrick, Emily, & Annette

 Me and my new hairdo.

 Hi, Grandpa!

The whole gang! (Minus a few)