Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graduation Speech

Today we're driving to Wells Fargo Arena to celebrate with the Desert Ridge High School Class of 2012!

It's got me reminiscing about that day --a long while ago-- when I was graduating, when I was the one in the cap and gown, when I was the one giving the big speech.  


Here we are at graduation,
This is our time for celebration,
First to our teachers, our fam’lies, our friends,
Whose love and support, t’wards us never ends.
Thanks for the smiles, the laughter, the tears.
Thanks for helping us conquer our fears.
When, in ourselves, we didn’t believe
Our greatest ambitions you helped us achieve.
And now, aside from our relations,
To the seniors, Congratulations!
Surviving high school ain’t easy—we know!
And now we’ve got other places to go.
We’ve made it this far, now what do we do?
That’s something, I’m sure, we all wish we knew.
I know some of you may think it uncool
That pretty soon I’ll be right back at school.
Others too, whether in-state or out,
Know college is something they won’t go without.
For others, college is just not their thing.
For them, maybe trade school or traveling.
Armed forces, new jobs, there’s so much out there.
You can be great, if only you dare.
To some the next step may not be clear.
You’re not sure of the path you should pioneer.
But you know what you want, deep down inside,
Reach for the stars. Let your heart be your guide.
And wherever you go, whatever you do,
Remember that only you can be you.
Today we celebrate the lives we’ve led
And look forward to the journey ahead.
Don’t be surprised, though you probably will,
To find life’s a mountain, instead of a hill.
Don’t let it scare you. Don’t worry. Don’t stop.
Nothing can keep you from reaching the top.
Don’t hurry. Don’t rush. This life’s not a race.
There are mem’ries you’ll miss that you cannot replace.
It doesn’t matter how much money you make,
Cars in the drive or boats on the lake.
What matters instead are the friendships you’ve formed
The service you’ve given, the hearts that you’ve warmed.
The values you choose and work to defend
Will define who you are in the very end.
Though some may lie in wait to deceive,
Don’t let go of what you believe.
When adversity stands in your way
Don’t be the one that is easy to sway.
Always, always to yourself be true.
Even when skies are more grey than blue.
At times life will fall apart at the seams,
But that’s okay, hold on to your dreams.
Making each day the best it can be
Is all that is asked of you and of me.
Sometimes it’s hard, yeah, sometimes it’s rough.
It’s times like these, you have to be tough.
Just when you think you can’t make it through
The sun will come out, though much overdue.
Good times or bad times, great courage it takes
To proceed with great fervor, despite our mistakes.
Of a few mistakes, don’t be afraid.
That’s how some of the greatest inventions were made.
In yourself you should not doubt
You’re made of good stuff, inside and out.
“What am I to this world?” many may say,
“What am I worth at the end of the day?”
You’re a head and two feet. You’re somebody’s friend.
You’ll stick with them to the very end.
You’re the hope of the future, a smiling face.
You’re someone that no one else can replace.
You’re a kid with ambition. You’ll do something great.
If only you knew the things that await.
Believe in yourself. You’re worth more than you know.
You can’t comprehend the places you’ll go.
You’ll meet people who tell you, “It cannot be done”
But if it can, you’re prob’ly the one.
Just give it a shot. Just give it a try.
Ask “Why not?” instead of “Why?”
Doing the impossible ain’t easy, I agree,
But anything can happen. Anything can be.
A little taller, we must stand today.
The world around us is in disarray.
Some don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong.
This is the season we must be strong.
Reach out with kindness. Be decent. Be good.
Doubt not. Fear not. Do what you should.
In the future, what will we say
When we stop and think back on this day?
Will you remember this speech that I gave?
Will you remember forgetting to shave?
You may remember the excitement inside.
You may remember the way your mom cried.
You may remember how happy you were,
Or, looking back, it may be a blur.
No matter how we remember the past,
No doubt, we’ll think it flew by too fast.
Well, I’m afraid I’ve used up all my time
And so I must end this silly rhyme.
I guess the last thing I wanted to say,
And maybe it is a little cliché,
But all you need is faith, love, and laughter,
To make your own happily ever after.

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  1. Best. Speech. Ever. I totally bawled my eyes out in that arena! Haha :)


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