Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surviving with a Smile

It's been a few days.  It's hard to justify blogging when you all you feel like you have time to do is homework (and even then, you still don't get all your reading done) and the spare time in between is when you get to love your boys and feed them and make sure they have clean clothes to wear and all that... Have you noticed the theme of my blog lately?  I hope it's not boring.

Anyway...I'm back.  I made it through Week 5 of Junior 1.  It was a toughie.

This week isn't going to be any easier...test Monday, competency Tuesday, Exam Wednesday, and quiz Friday. I can do it, one day at a time.

**I think it must be a mom thing, but I've been desensitized to poop.  
If you don't like reading about poop, I recommend that you skip the rest of today's post.**

I love being a mother. Crazy that I can love it, even through the rough Thursday. Hyrum loves his Daddy. He always saves the big huge poops for Momma or Grannie, never Daddy. Lucky guy. Anyways, Thursday was another one of his infamous poop explosions.

It had been a while since he cleared his GI tract and I knew that didn't bode well for me, but I finally decided to bathe him. He smelled like fresh, clean baby. Yum! I fed him dinner and put him in bed. Apparently, though, he wasn't ready for bed and he let me know by happily kicking and squealing and having a good ol' time. So, I laid him out on a blanket by me in the living room. He kicked and squealed away, happy as a clam, so I decided to dish myself some apple pie and ice cream (Happy Birthday, Tony!). It was quite delicious until I heard the poop. I dropped the pie and ice cream and had him off the floor within two seconds, but the poop was already up his back, on his clothes, and clear through to the blanket. I got him stripped down and was trying to clean up the mess, just in time for the second round. At that, I gave up, wiped him clean enough to make it to the bathroom and hosed him off in the tub. Fresh baby...again.

Now, judge me if you will, but I now have a clean baby in a fresh set of jammies and a pile of poopie diaper and wipes all over the changing table. Maybe I should have cleaned the changing table, but instead I chose to eat my apple pie and melted ice cream soup... So as I sat and enjoyed my soup, ignoring the fact that I had a poop explosion waiting for me three feet away, Hyrum did this for the very first time...

I frankly forgave him and loved him more than I ever had and then cleaned the changing table with a smile on my face.

Life would be so boring if all I had to do was homework...poor regular, everyday college students...

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  1. Such great times I got tired of the poop by the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th baby, yes the first was so cute and fun and loved being a mom (I still do of course) just not EVERYTHING that goes with it.


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