Friday, September 9, 2011

Don't Read This. It Might Hurt Your Feelings.

We like our blog. We like to share our daily adventures, no matter how boring they may be. We like to share what we believe, not so that you will believe it too, but so that you can understand. We like to share our accomplishments, our joys, our embarrassing moments. If anything, this blog is for us. It is a way of recording our life together.

We like to know that people read our blog, that, for one reason or another, they find what we have to say interesting and enjoyable. We like the fact that family and friends that we don't often see, can come to our blog and see what we've been up to. They can see pictures of a happy little family. They can read stories about that little family.

Now to the part about hurting feelings...

I recently added a little feature to our blog. It was meant to be a way for people to share what they thought, without the hassle of leaving a full blown comment. At the bottom of each post, there are little boxes you can check: funny, inspiring, LOVE! Did you catch the change? Originally, you could check boring. Well, imagine my dismay when people started putting cute little check marks next to boring... Really? You think I'm BORING?! Well, guess what?


And that, my dear friends, is why you can no longer put your dainty little check marks next to boring. You can choose to LOVE! it if you like, but no more boring. If you think it's boring, DON'T READ MY BLOG. If you think prayer is boring, DON'T READ MY BLOG. If you think the mundane accomplishments of a student nurse who is working her butt off are boring, DON'T READ MY BLOG. If you don't care if my little guy is rolling over and eating rice cereal, DON'T READ MY BLOG. Or, if you are feeling punkish, leave me a comment. I won't approve it.

I hate to be mean and nasty, but you hurt my feelings, and no one has a right to do that.


  1. And THIS is the Jeri Lin I remember so fondly from high school, I'm glad to see you have not lost your fight and your doing well!
    - Sam Treat

  2. Jeri Lin, you don't know me but I knew Tony in the student ward in College Station, and I just have to say you're AWESOME for writing this! I think so many people forget that a lot of folks just keep blogs for their own personal record! I quite enjoy hearing how your little family is progressing! You guys rock! So you go girl! Keep it up! :)

  3. To me my blog is my journal and feel the same way if you don't like don't read. :) Love ya!

  4. Such is the nature of blogging. I've gotten some incredibly hurtful comments.

    Keep writing. When I get mean comments, or sad because I have none, I remember that I don't blog for other people, I do it for myself.

  5. I agree with Holly! You may not know me either but I think you're doing awesome!

  6. Big sister,
    Don't let people push you around and say mean things to you.
    I LOVE your blog.
    I LOVE hearing all the little stories about my sweet nephew that I miss because I'm a crazy teenager that is never in the same place as you.
    I LOVE YOU my dearest big sister.
    Love always, Little sister #1

  7. I agree... Jeri Lin... people are mean, but you're doing an amazing job! Seriously you should take a second and pat yourself on the back, because your a great mother! I love to read your blog! Keep it up! :)

  8. Jeri Lin, you don't no me either, but Tony and I worked at EFY one year togather and he went to my husbands ward in dallas. I love reading your blog! It makes me smile! It also encourages me to become a mother. Because if you can do it, I can do it. Your blog Rocks!


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