Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rainy Days and Nap Time

I love dreary days...those days when the sun is hidden behind grey clouds and (if you get quite lucky) some raindrops grace you with their presence. It's almost as if the whole world slows down and takes a single breath. We don't have enough of those days here in Arizona.

Well, imagine my elation when I heard the thunder yesterday afternoon. Little Boy and I raced outside and found the most glorious dreary day.

[insert tangent: Everyone always commented how lucky I was to have an April baby. I missed the being huge and pregnant when it's really really hot outside. Oh hooray! Lucky me! What no one ever mentions is how miserable it is to be stuck in a tiny apartment AFTER the baby comes and all you want to do is take the baby for a nice little walk to the park or even 100 steps outside of the apartment to check the mail {tiny exaggeration}, but you can't because it is too hot outside. There's really no perfect situation in my book...ANYWAY...]

Thunder. Dreary grey clouds. Right. So we loaded up the stroller and took off in an attempt to enjoy the grey skies and raindrops. And we did, for about two minutes. We were quite upset when the sun came out and the rain dried up and we started to sweat and it was no longer enjoyable. *sigh*

In addition to this unfortunate event, we have a predicament. Nap time. I love nap time. Nap time is when I get my homework done. However, nap time is also the only time I can nap. What's college student/mother to do? Nap? Or homework? I'm not sure. Yesterday I chose nap. I think I'm going to regret it when I sit down and realize how much I need to have done for Monday. First exam of the semester. Hundreds of pages of textbook reading. Papers. Concept maps. Wellness plans. Teaching plans. Granted that's not all due Monday but I'm a firm believer in anti-procrastination.

So you ask, "Well Miss Anti-procrastination, if you have so much to do why are you blogging about it?"

Because I want to.

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  1. P.S. To the guy who went out and smoked whilst it rained this evening... Because of you I could not stand out on the porch and enjoy the rain. You made it stink. It made me sad.


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