Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh! My Poor Child!

I had one of those "Oh! My poor child!" moments yesterday. Little Boy went to sleep in a t-shirt the night before. All morning I planned on changing him into his clothes for the new day but I kept putting it off with the thought, "I'll wait until he poops." I've been traumatized by the I-just-dressed-him-and-he-pooped-all-over-it syndrome. So I waited...and then he went down for a nap...and then I left for class...and then I figured Tony would change him...

Text from me to Husband: Sorry I forgot to change Little Boy.
Text from Husband to me: That's ok. I did too.

Oh! My poor child!

Luckily we had an extra change of clothes packed away in the diaper bag and Grannie is more than happy to change him into a fresh set of clothes.

Slightly unrelated, my husband is spectacular. On Monday, Hyrum was down for a nap and I had been going 100 miles an hour all morning. I had done laundry, dishes, cut Tony's hair, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, etc. etc. etc. I was pooped (as in tired, completely unrelated to the poop explosions that have been happening all too often). I decided I needed a quick nap. Tony agreed to wake me up in a half hour, or when Hyrum woke up (he was gonna be a hungry boy). Unfortunately, Hyrum woke up 15 minutes later. I was not aware, however, because my fabulous husband entertained the hungry guy until my half hour of blissful napping was up.

Completely unrelated, but still exciting, I am vital signs competent! I can take your temperature, pulse, respirations, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. I was a little worried. Blood pressure is a lot harder than it looks, but I did just fine. I passed on the first try. I'm proud of myself. Nursing school is tough. You just go, go, go...hope you understood that because we're moving on...NOW. The fun part is, we haven't even picked up full speed yet. I'm looking forward to my Disneyland trip following graduation. I'm planning
it for myself. It'll be a nice little pat on the back. Good job. You accomplished something amazing.

That's all for today. Smile!

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