Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bumbo Seat

Have you heard of the wonderful invention they call the Bumbo Seat? They're these neat little seats that support babies who can't sit up on their own. I love mine. My wonderful visiting teacher gave me hers now that her kids are done with it. Thanks, Jo!   P.S.  Don't judge.  Hyrum's Bumbo is purple, but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.  We're teaching him early.

Anyways, Hyrum gets tired of his swing and tummy time or whatever else I try to make him do when I need two hands, so the Bumbo Seat is perfect. He just sits on the counter next to me while I do my hair or on the kitchen table while Husband and I eat breakfast.  Check it out!

HOWEVER!  I have found a flaw...  When said cute child named Hyrum  decides to fill his pants, he cannot help but fill his Bumbo Seat.  We learned the hard way two mornings in a row.  I know he's just testing me, to make sure that I was paying attention to the demonstration on "peri care" this week in lab.  Unfortunately, this morning I was silly enough to get him all dressed up and cute for the day and then put him in his Bumbo Seat.  Bad idea.  He went from cute to poop.  I was happy.  Luckily, the Bumbo Seat is easy to clean...maybe they foresaw such instances.

In other baby news, our little boy ain't so little anymore.  He weighs 16 pounds 10 ounces and is 2 foot 3".   He's so big he's wearing Daddy's belt buckle.  Looks like a true Texan if you ask me.  Either that or a Luna boy...who else wears Wranglers to church?

The other big news is the upgrade to rice cereal for breakfast and dinner.  He makes his fair share of funny faces when he's getting started, but by the end he can't get enough of it.  He gets mad if you don't shovel it in fast enough.  Oh, and as a side note, the poop explosion in the Bumbo seat this morning was post bath.  He decided to make breakfast an especially messy occasion and needed a good scrub down. 

I love being a mother.  I can't believe I smile through some of this stuff, but I truly enjoy my little boy.  I wouldn't trade him for anything in the whole world.  Just to help you understand why, here's one more picture.  I was sitting on the floor reading for class the other day and I looked over to see this...

"Oh no, Momma!  What do I do?!"

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