Thursday, October 20, 2011


Remember when I was a smarty pants?  Those days are long gone.  I've taken to having my brain lie to me.  Take for example the other day...the alarm clock went off at 6am.  My brain said, "Six?!  Six?!  You can sleep another half an hour and be just fine."  LIAR!  I was not just fine.  I had a granny smith apple, string cheese, and three peanut butter cookies for breakfast because I was not fine. 

I did it again yesterday...not the not give myself time to get ready, but the lying brain thing.  Since when does $5.00 equal $1.25?


The Sparkletts Water man came by.  They told me they would give me a really good deal since I'm an ASU student.  They would give me the cooler for $5 a month and each 5 gallon jug for $5.  Plus,  he was going to give me the first 30 days free, plus two free 5 gallon jugs, plus a free case of water.  I wanted to call Husband to ask him what he thought, but he was in class.  They assured me that I could cancel any time after the 30 days if I wasn't satisfied.  What the heck!  It was a great deal.  We spend $5 for 5 gallons of water anyway! a world where when you say $5.00 you really mean $1.25...

After they left, I looked at that cooler and all that free water and I was just happy as a clam.  Husband was going to be so proud of my purchase.  He was going to be so happy that he no longer had to haul the gallon jugs to the water dispensing machine--especially since I got such a whopping deal!  Because $5.00 is equal to $1.25, remember? 


Wait. One. Second.  $5.00 DOES NOT EQUAL $1.25!!!

I called Husband.  I told him I was stupid, but I was too embarrassed to tell him why.  When he came home he saw the beautiful Sparkletts cooler and he just laughed and I cried.  He laughed and laughed and laughed and told me I wasn't stupid and it was okay.  And wouldn't you know?  He loves the darn thing...he loves that he doesn't have to go to the water dispensing machine every time we run out.  He loves that it's always cold and super handy.  Now he's trying to talk me into keeping it, even though we are poor folk.  

So, there ya have it.  I'm a ding dong.  (I know you're getting a kick out of this one, Dad.  Laugh it up.)  

And, at least for 30 days, we have a Sparkletts water cooler.  And Husband wanted to take a picture of me with my water cooler, so there ya go.

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