Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Like Oppossums to Peanut Butter

Hyrum and I were practicing our sitting-up skills today.  He took a few dives...

But over all, I was surprised at how well he did.  We hadn't really ever tried before and he took to it like opossums to peanut butter. (Seriously, my in-laws have caught 7 opossums in their yard in the last little while...with peanut butter.  Only in Texas...)

Another new development is how much he enjoys the camera.  All of a sudden it's fun to smile when the camera comes out...  This is why I love being a mother.  BIG HUGE GRINS

Later, when Daddy came home, we wanted to show him his new trick.  He sat like this by himself for at least a full minute.  Won't be long until we're calling Little Boy, Big Boy.

We love our Hyrum Joseph Boy.


  1. It was great to see you both! Hyrum is such a cute BIG boy! Love ya!

  2. He's so adorable! And he looks so much like both of you!


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