Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Story

For those of you who have been waiting in anticipation, you can now check out the "Our Story" page.  You can find out how this...

Turned into this...

Eternally Brown.

Completely unrelated:

A shout out to the poop explosions that have not graced me with their presence as of late (knock on wood)... I love veggie poop because it is not veggie soup.  Sorry if that's gross.  It's true.

I can't wait for Christmas.  I'm mostly excited because of the magic that comes when children are there.  He'll only be 8 months, you say.  It will be magical.  Don't you doubt it.

My beast named Husband is working 11 1/2 hours at Home Depot today.  You do what you've gotta do to stay out of the poor house.  I'm grateful he is working hard.  We miss him.

Next week is gonna be a toughie.  Monday: Quiz, Open Lab, SNA Meeting  Tuesday:  Cardiac, Respiratory, Musculoskeletal Assessment and Self-Breast Exam Competency  Wednesday: Pharmacology Exam and Nursing Theory Presentation  Thursday: First day in long-term care taking care of my very own patient [insert scariness here]  Friday: Nursing Concepts Exam  WOW.  Long week.

Life is good.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

My brain lied to me...again.  I don't have a pharm exam this week...
Thanks, Lindsay.

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  1. Good luck taking care of your first patient! And don't be too'll LOVE it and it will be so fun! :) And you'll be surprised how easily things happen!


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