Saturday, October 8, 2011


My dad has a set of season tickets to ASU football this year.  [I guess that's what happens when he works for ASU and gets a wicked good deal.]  He's taken his girlyfriend #4 (Mom is #1, I'm #2...and so on) and he's taken Bryton multiple times.  Well, last Saturday, the boys had Priesthood so Girlyfriend #3 and I got to go to the game.

We ate at Subway before the game, rode the lightrail, and then watched ASU try to lose the game.  I enjoyed the fireworks and the marching band and was grateful Keila was there to explain things to me.  I know the basics of football but she's a team manager for the Jaguars, so she really knows her stuff.

I'm grateful for this little sister of mine.  We weren't always the best of friends, but now that we've both grown up a little bit, we have a lot of fun together.  I can hardly believe she'll be 16 in a couple months!  Speaking of which, she got asked to Homecoming this week.  I remember being in that same predicament...asked on your first date, not quite 16.  I got asked to go to a play by one of my best friends.  It would have been fun.  I said no and I'm all the better for it, not that going out on my first date a few weeks before I turned 16 would have turned me into a rebel.  I still would have gotten married in the temple.  I wouldn't have become a pregnant teenager (oh wait...).  The principle, however, is that when you obey the prophet you will be blessed.  I was blessed.  She will be too.

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