Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Washington with Pops

**I just found this old post in the draft pile.  It never was posted!  Can you believe how small (but chunky) and bald Miss Lind is??  Man, this trip was so fun!**

The kids and I really enjoyed our one on one time with Pops when we took our trip up to Washington.  He's a fun guy.  We really like him.

A lot of our time was spent just hangin' out at Grandma's house.  Pops taught Hyrum cool tricks, like turning oneself into a punk rocker.

We enjoyed the cool weather and Grandma's wagon. All the old people in the complex loved to say hello as we walked by.

We ate lots of yummy treats, like ice cream at Zip's.  Even better were the hamburgers, onion rings, and salted caramel shakes from Dicks.  We went two nights in a row.

Hyrum got to try out Uncle Joe's motorcycle.  We also spent lots of time at Grandma's house, emptying out the basement in order for her to sell the house.

We spent a day at Riverfront Park, complete with the merry-go-round and Radio Flyer.  I lost some of my pictures when my phone went swimming later that day... so sad.

These are the lilac blooms that Bloomsday is all about.  Beautiful, huh?

Feeding the garbage goat!  I remember visiting these places when I was a kid.  So fun to share them with my kids!

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