Monday, September 7, 2015

Hiking with Children

We've gone hiking three times in the last two weeks.  We go down to Rowlett Creek Preserve, pick a trail, and have an adventure.

Lindi still fits in our hiking pack.  She makes a heavy load for Tony, but he likes the workout.  I strap Ellie to me with the sleepy wrap and Hyrum is a great little hiker.

Our first time out we hiked 1.86 miles.  The second time we went 2.18 miles.  This last time we went 2.7 miles because Hyrum wanted to double back and cross the creek.  Both girls fell asleep that time. 

We have so much fun hiking as a family.  It makes me anxious to go hike around D.C. or something. We have fun discussions while we hike.  We quiz Hyrum on his math facts or make up stories (we each take turns adding a sentence to the story).  I can't wait to add some more miles to our log!

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