Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Mother Heart is Overflowing

My heart is just filled to the brim. I have such a happy life!

I got to go to the temple with my love this morning. Kristen watched my kids. Ellie slept for her the whole time. At first, she wasn't going to sleep like I said she would, so Kristen asked Hyrum. Hyrum claimed that I just lay her on the bed (which I don't).  Regardless, she went right to sleep. I tried it again this afternoon and, sure enough, it worked! I told Kristen I liked the magic spell she put on her. Hyrum and Lindi got to make bracelets and play Play-doh. Tony and I were able to seal four couples, eight daughters, and six sons. It was a good temple day. I love doing family history work and taking those people to the temple.

I am also so happy that my kids love each other. Lindi just said "I love you Hyru" totally out of the blue as they were munching apples together.

I have opportunities to serve others all lined up. I get to take a couple of girls to preschool in the morning since their mom is in Europe. Another friend just called and asked if I can watch her girls next Friday so she can go to Time Out for Women. I know for certain that if you ask for opportunities to serve, the Lord will give them to you.

I have a play date lined up for Friday with my other best friend Adrienne on Friday afternoon. I have so much to be thankful for!

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