Friday, July 31, 2015

3 Kids Plus Errands

My to-do list was getting backed up. I started the morning with 6 overdue tasks and another 8 that needed to be done today. I knew more would be added throughout the day. Luckily I also started day with Husband here to help. We didn't waste a minute and accomplished a lot of good things before he left. Unfortunately, he left and my list still needed a lot of work. 

It seems like I've been running errands with three kids lately. I told you about the library escapades last week. It was almost a repeat today. We traded a army crawling two year old with a two year old who needed to potty and thought wild screams were acceptable library etiquette. I wanted to go home after that, but we needed to go to Walmart, darn it. 

Advice. Do not go into Walmart with three kids and no shopping list. You will leave without something you needed. Guaranteed. 

By the time we got home, we were sweaty. I was frustrated about the things I forgot to grab. Lindi was hungry but was refusing to eat anything except grapes, peanut butter on a spoon, or fruit snacks. Hyrum was getting frustrated with Lindi and her awful behavior, which ended in tears all around. 

This blog is turning into a "let me rant about Lindi" outlet, but really! I might leave her with my parents and let them raise her until she can be reasonable.  

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  1. haha. i feel like this blog of yours is narrating my life! except i only have 2 littles! thank goodness they are so darn cute, or library trips that end with Mom literally dragging the screaming 2-year old out to the car would never happen.


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