Friday, July 17, 2015

Ellie Texas Brown

I never have recorded Ellie's birth story.  I'm going to go the easy route and just share most of my journal entry from that day. [Any additions will be bracketed.]

"April 24, 2015:  I'm a momma again! Ellie Texas Brown was born this morning at 8:50am.  She was 7lb 8oz and 20 inches long. We slept well last night...nothing to make me think she was on her way. When Tony got up to go to the temple early, I was kind of crampy, but didn't want to tell him to stay home and have another false alarm. [The day previous, I had been crampy and had an achy back-- the same signs that preceded Lindi, so I had Tony come home from work just for everything to stop.]  I never really could go back to sleep, though, and then I started having contractions about the time he arrived at the temple. I took a hot shower and then started getting ready for the arrival of our baby. The contractions were pretty consistent and strong, so I started to get nervous. I had Grandpa head over to our house and told Tony to come home. But he couldn't come home until Patrick arrived to take over! Hyrum and Lindi woke up. I fed them each a yogurt and by then we needed to get to the hospital, so Grandpa helped me dress them and we loaded into the truck. Tony was going to have to meet us at the hospital.

So, I checked in and changed. It was 7:45. Tony arrived. I was dilated 7cm, so they moved me to my labor room. So far, my contractions were strong but manageable. I thought we were doing great. Dr. Potter arrived. She checked me and I was still at 7. That was disappointing. But, she broke my water and boy howdy!! Then the contractions really started happening. They lowered the foot of my bed and attached the squatting bar so that I could kind of lean over and let gravity work. It was awesome. Tony was right there beside me the whole time. Kristy, our labor nurse, did awesome at coaching me through each contraction. It was hard work, but I did my best to stay in control.

[With my first two pregnancies I had "half dose" epidurals. My labors were short, though, and I felt like Lindi's was so short that it was almost a waste. I was determined to skip it this time and I'm so glad I did. It was a completely different experience. It was empowering!]

Probably about 15 minutes after Dr. Potter checked me I felt like there was a baby coming and I kinda lost control a bit. Everyone came running in, but Dr. Potter just said “Deliver” to Kristy and out came our little girl. Tony was emotional. He sure loves his little babies. I just love her. She is beautiful in every way. Grandpa brought us lunch and the kids got to meet their sister. I think Hyrum was a little disappointed to have another sister, but he told me it was ok and could we have a brother next time. :) Lindi is just in love with the “babies.” They both were so interested in checking her out and holding her.


This little baby came a week early.
She's a beauty and we love her."

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