Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Does anyone else struggle with their two year old sleeping? Mine threw her binkies in the trash and it has been ugly ever since. "It's not nap time! I don't want to sleep! I don't want to lay down! I'm not tired! I'm not grumpy! I will be happy!"

It's not just nap time, either. Bed time is the same exact way. It's awful. Sometimes it takes us 1-2 hours to get her to sleep. You can tell she's exhausted, she just doesn't want to sleep. Going to bed late doesn't result in sleeping in, either. She is not getting enough sleep. 

Today I decided to skip the nap. I wasn't up to a fight and she was pleasantly happy. Of course, she fell asleep in the car. We hadn't even left the Walmart parking lot. 

She didn't wake up when I moved her inside. This was at 5pm, people!! I really hope tonight isn't a nightmare. 

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