Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Uncle Bryton

Hyrum is so lucky to have an Uncle Bryton.  He's a silly guy, but he's a lot of fun.  He loves music and art.  He's currently working on his Eagle Project.  He's going to be painting two 15x20 foot canvases for a local elementary school.  The canvases are going to be for the Arizona centennial.  He had to design the canvases and will probably be getting a group together this week to paint them.  Hooray for being an Eagle Scout!

Bryton is also a great example of being missionary minded.  He is always willing to share what he believes with others.  He loves to share his Mormon Boy Swag on his blog.  We're so excited for him to leave on a full time mission in just about 1 year!  We will miss him, but we know he will do a great job.  Someday, Hyrum will follow in his footsteps.

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