Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Boys

No woman, girl, or lady is as lucky as me.  I have a most wonderful Husband.  I have the most sweet Little Boy.  It is such a blessing to be Wifey and Momma to these two handsome boys.

10 Reasons I Love Husband

1.  He works so hard to support our family.
2.  He teaches me something new everyday.
3.  He forgives me when I'm a rotten stinker sweetheart.
4.  He spoils me.
5.  He introduced me to the delicious food of Texas: Braum's, Freebirds, Cheddar's...the list goes on.
6.  He's the best dad a BOY could ask for.
7.  He cuddles with me in bed.
8.  He holds my hand.
9.  He thinks he's lucky he got me.
10.  He made me a Wifey.

10 Reasons I Love Little Boy

1.  He has blue eyes like Momma.
2.  His sweet giggles when we tickle him or make faces or give him kisses.
3.  He's so stinkin' cute in his stinkin' cute clothes.
4.  His cute little hands.  His cute little toes.  His cute little bottom.
5.  His fresh clean smell after bath time.
6.  He's so peaceful when he sleeps.
7.  He makes me slow down to enjoy the little moments.
8.  His silly faces.
9.  He smiles at me when I come home from school.
10.  He made me a Mother.

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