Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gila Valley Temple

We went to the Gila Valley Temple last Friday morning.  We went to the open house and Tony took the youth in our ward for a baptism trip, but this was the first time we were able to go and do ordinances there together.  Afterwards we went around telling everyone that this was the twelfth temple we had been to together.  A dozen temples!  Seriously?  We're losing count already?  Good thing we have a blog that has kept track for us.  We've really been to a baker's dozen.  This was temple number 13.

We have been to the following temples (not in order):
     San Antonio
     Salt Lake City
     Oquirrh Mountain
     St. Goeorge
     Las Vegas
     Gila Valley

The Christmas nativity

This temple trip was special.  We were able to seal my great-great grandparents Royal Elmer Tranmer and Ruth Anna Hauntz.  We also sealed my great-grandmother Isabel Clarice Tranmer to them.  She was also able to be sealed to her first husband Frank Albert Shinkle and her second husband Henry Scott Ziegler.  Grandpa Ziegler was also sealed to his first wife and their daughter.  I knew my Grandma Ziegler, Isabel, so these sealings were particularly special.  The sealer told us that we could kiss over the alter since we were being sealed for my grandparents.  It is so important to seal our families to us for eternity.  It is also important to be reminded of the promises we made when we were sealed almost two years ago!  I love my husband!


  1. Jeri Lin, I love you... You are amazing... I hope that I can be like you and Tony and be amazing and loving and all those things!

  2. You also look a little cold in that picture... :)


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