Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is Happiness

Here are some more pictures from our Thanksgiving trip this year.  We are so grateful to be members of such close and loving families.  It's hard to take turns,  Browns...Shinkles....Browns....Shinkles, but we enjoy every moment we get to share with each of them.  This year Thanksgiving was with my family and we will spend Christmas with Tony's.

A few of the boys I love the very most.
Add Hayden...too bad we're missing Pops.

Really, Jeri Lin?  A picture?

He's a little scruffy, but my favorite Bryton.

Hyrum loves to treat you like a jungle gym, and Grannie loves her boy.

Hyrum wore himself out with all of his playing.

Uncle Luke can do cool tricks...

...and he's really fun to wrestle with.

I think Tony realized that P90X goes out the window when you've got a bunch of bedlamites to wrestle with.  He just watched in amazement.  He's waiting for the day when he gets to be Hyrum's bear trap...

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