Sunday, November 20, 2011

Homework Makes You Ugly

When Tony was growing up he had a puzzle with a frog on it that said, "Homework makes you ugly!"  This week I've come to the conclusion that that puzzle was right.  Any homework that keeps a princess from getting her beauty sleep can turn her into the ugliest frog...

This last week was absolutely crazy.  You noticed?  Yeah, I didn't even have time to blog about my woes.  I had classes galore.  On top of that we had Long Term Care from 1-8 on Tuesday and 1-6 on Thursday.  And if that's not enough, the Long Term Care Project was due and we had an ATI test.  I ended up pulling an all-nighter on Wednesday so that I could complete my LTC project.  I only got about a total of 2 hours of sleep between 530am on Wednesday morning and 9pm on Thursday night.  I never do that.  I do my darn tootin' hardest not to procrastinate, but I've come to grips with the fact that when you're a mom, things never go according to plan.  I was trying to work on the project a little bit each day for the last few weeks, but something always kept me from getting it done.  Luckily, it did get done and I think I did an acceptable job as well.

This semester has been a tough one, but it has been a blast.  I loved Long Term Care.  I was a little surprised how much I enjoyed the elderly.  They reminded me of Grandpa Burgess and I love Grandpa!  I am grateful for the experiences I had there.  To the CNA who let me help her with giving a shower: Thank you for letting me help.  Thank you for teaching me as we worked.  Thank you for your smile.  I was able to give insulin twice.  It was exhilarating.  I had so much fun!  My favorite part, though, was feeding the Alzheimer's patients.  On our first day, I felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness as I did for someone, something they could not do for themselves.  I realized that I really do want to be a nurse!


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