Friday, November 18, 2011


Tony's been teaching seminary for 4 months now!  He's grown a lot and is continually improving.  It's really stressful for him sometimes.  He always wants to have a lesson that will be applicable to a group of teenagers, but it also has to be fun.  On top of that, he never knows when Brother Moon will be stopping by to watch a class and critique him.  Brother Moon's feedback is phenomenal!  He always has great ideas for how to improve.  We always enjoy his monthly inservices.  They've asked him to be the guy to teach the teachers how to be teachers because he is a spectacular teacher himself!

Every now and again, Hyrum and I go to the seminary with Tony so that we can help him plan a lesson or just so that we can be with him for a little while.

As for whether or not Tony will be doing this for the rest of his life...

Brother Vellinga from Salt Lake came to visit last week.  He's the guy who watches ALL of the student teachers from all over the country and then ranks them.  He and Brother Moon watched Tony teach and gave him excellent feedback.  We were able to go to an inservice with him and he also came to our house for a home visit/interview.  He asked us about us, why would Tony be a good seminary teacher, where would we want to live if we could choose...  We really enjoyed visiting with him and hope we left an impression.  He will come back sometime next semester to watch Tony again.

The next step will be an interview with one of the Quorum of the Seventy, if they think we're good enough.  And if we make it that far, we'll have to get approval from someone on the Church Board of Education.  And then if they think we're good enough and if they have openings and if we're a good fit for that particular opening and if...if...if...if... THEN they could hire us full time and we would be ecstatic!  It's a very competitive position.  Tony is doing his best and we know that if the Lord has seminary in our plan that it will happen and if He doesn't and we don't get hired, we'll be all the better for it.  It has been wonderful to watch Tony progress.  He is going to be a better husband, father, young men's leader, etc etc etc because of seminary this year.

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