Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer Activities for Busy Body Boys and Mommas

Hyrum and I have compiled a list of activities (thanks to Pinterest) that we want to do this summer. We will report on the level of entertainment (0-5 stars) from the perspective of a one year old, of course. We'd love input on other fun ideas!

Water painting (paintbrushes, water, and the sidewalk) 
Build a fort
Read stories 
Sock wars (We'll go ahead and rate this 5 stars...ambush dad as he comes out of the bathroom, don't forget the pillow fort to hide behind. Best attack EVER.) 
Throw a party/play date
Kiddie pool (Keepin' cool! Don't forget the sunscreen!) 
Cardboard cars
Pillow piles 
Paper Airplanes 
Flash cards
Play-doh balloons (fill balloons with play-doh for less mess) 
Soda bottle filled with glitter, oil, and water
Ziploc bag painting (paint in ziplock bag = lots of fun, less mess) 
Trip to the library

P.S.  Did I mention I got a 69/70 on my Adult Health final?  Now, if I'd only done that well on the other exams... Regardless, I am done and it is summertime!

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