Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Steps

So ignore the fact that you have to touch your left ear to your shoulder in order to watch this...I'm sorry.  If anyone knows how to rotate a video 90 degrees, I'd love to learn.  In the mean time, I'll try to remember to hold the camera correctly when I want to take a video.

Besides all the logistics of videographing...Can you believe he is walking?  I can hardly believe it myself.  

On my 21st birthday I was laying flat on my back, totally useless, because of excruciating back pain.  It was terrible.  So Hyrum and I had a talk.  I told him it would be my best birthday ever if he would pretty please take his first steps on my birthday.  Sure enough...Right after I opened my gifts he took two steps from his little bike to the coffee table.  I was SO excited.

Now he's not far from being a pro.  He'll be one in just two weeks... *sigh*

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  1. I can't believe he is walking, but so fun and exciting!


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