Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh what a Grand Canyon!

Part of our Spring Break included a short trip to the Grand Canyon, one of my favorite places in the whole world.  This trip was pretty laid back compared to most of my visits.  The first time I hiked down the South Kiabab trail and out the South Bright Angel trail [in one day].  The second time I hiked down the South Kiabab trail and out the North Bright Angel [rim to rim in one day].  I might be insane, but those were remarkable trips that my mom and I will never forget.

This time we did a little two mile hike along the rim trail.  We saw the sights, got the "heebee jeebies" watching dumb people do stupid things too close to the edge, and enjoyed the cool weather.

Tony and I were pretty proud of this shot.

The Browns here are planning a Grand Canyon hike for next year.  I need to keep with the tradition and celebrate graduation with a hike.  I'm excited [even if I said I would never do it again--it was tough]!

One of my favorite memories was when we went back to the hotel to pick something up before going to dinner.  Husband got out of the car to run inside.  Grandpa Brown and I were sitting there wondering, "Why is Kemp backing up?" only to realize that Kemp wasn't backing up!  We were rolling forward!  Husband hadn't put the car in park before getting out!  I had quite a laugh.

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  1. Fun times! Wish I could say I had done all those hikes! :)


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