Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sixteen and Dating

So, my brother is an adult and now my sister is 16 and dating...  what is this world coming to?  Keila is becoming a beautiful young woman.  She's spunky, loud, and an all around great friend.

 She got a lizard too!  Like Clementine! Except this one isn't alive.

We went to the Chinese buffet to celebrate Keila's birthday.  It was super yummy.  I ate as much egg drop soup and wontons I could.  Plus, Keila made me eat octopus.  It was like eating rubber.  I don't think I'd recommend it.

 Hyrum had an orange wedge.  He thought it was quite sour.  We thought it was quite entertaining.

 I tried out my cupcake decorating skills.   Not too shabby...

Parabéns pra você
Nesta data querida
Muitas felicidades
Muitos anos de vida!

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