Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Eve in Houston

Whenever we can, Husband and I love to go to Houston.  We've been especially anxious to go ever since Hyrum was born because we wanted him to meet his Great-Grandpa Burgess.  Grandpa is 89 years old!  When we got to the nursing home, Tony went in to Grandpa's room.  When Grandpa saw him he whooped and hollered  "Tony Brown!!" and whooped and hollered!  It was a happy reunion.  Tony is his favorite and everyone knows it!

When I took Hyrum in to meet Grandpa he told me I was "beautiful to the bone" just like Hyrum.  Oh, how I love Walter Burgess!  I'm so glad that I'm sealed to him--that he's my grandpa too!

Tony's Aunt Annette and Uncle Mickey live in Houston with their kids.  It's always fun to get together with them as well.  I love the family that I married into!

 Hyrum sportin' Patrick's Albania hat.

 OH!  Aunt Annette didn't put a cage around the tree!

 Grandpa and his girls, Trenda and Annette.

 Ina (Patrick's fiancee from Albania), Patrick, Emily, & Annette

 Me and my new hairdo.

 Hi, Grandpa!

The whole gang! (Minus a few)

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