Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning...I'm dying to go see what Santa brought us...and Hyrum is fast asleep!  I was so anxious.  It was his first Christmas!  What was he thinking?!  Wake up!

Well, he finally woke up and we went out to see what Santa had brought.  Hyrum got a train made out of blocks. Dad got a double, flippin' waffle maker. [You should come over and eat waffles with us.  I'm dying to try out some chocolate chip waffles and some waffles with strawberries.]  Santa brought me a new knife set.  It is so wonderful for cutting and chopping and other kitchen-y cook-y things.

In the Brown Family, you add a new design to your stocking each year--something that represents that year for you.  In 2009, Tony put the Nauvoo temple, I put a Nauvoo star.  Last year, he put wedding rings, I put a wedding cake.  This year, Tony put scriptures (for seminary) and I put  a baby carriage.  Hyrum started his stocking this year with a "First Christmas" ornament on it.  It's such a fun tradition.

We thought Hyrum would love the unwrapping part of Christmas.  He'd been climbing all over boxes, shredding newspaper, and making messes for weeks!  Why wouldn't he like unwrapping presents.

But he mostly just gave us the "Really?  Do I have to?  This is so overrated." look.

He much preferred playing with his new toys.  He was spoiled rotten!

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