Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little Boy's Little Adventures

A Christmas card arrived in the mail the other day from my high school math teacher.  Along with their winter letter, there was a note that said, "Let me know when Baby Brown arrives!"

I felt bad.
Since when did life get away from me?  

Hyrum is 8 1/2 months old!  Sometimes we look at him and say, "Holy cow! He...
 ...is HUGE! How did he get so big?!"
...is so stinkin' cute!"
...is so TALL!  Since when could he pull things down from the desk?"
It's amazing how much he's grown.  He is still the happy Little Boy he has been since Day 1!  We love his little self.  How wonderful it is!

 These are for you, Mrs. Bunger!
 Auntie Brooke loves any chance she gets to have Hyrum to herself!

 Hyrum loves watching the washing machine spin.

 He's made it to the age where he cries when he doesn't get his way and Momma thinks it's so dang cute!

 All ready to go on an evening walk with Momma!

 Hyrum loves to play with anything besides his toys.

This time he found the breast pump supplies!

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