Monday, January 23, 2012

My Sister-in-Law

5 Reasons Why I Love my Sister-in-Law

1.  She did my hair on my wedding day!  It was perfect!  it was exactly what I wanted and she did it just because she was glad her brother was FINALLY getting married.
2.  She taught me how to shop (At least she's given me a few courses in it.  By no means have I become as good as she.)
3.  She gave me my first niece ever and she is the cutest little bug you will ever see.
4.  She loves me, despite our differences. 
5. She takes the bestest pictures with her fancy-pants camera.  We never miss a moment when we're together because we trade all the millions of pictures we take.  Here are some shots she captured. [Note: A lot of the pictures from recent posts have been from her as well!]

Thanks, Whitney!  We love you!

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