Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not Enough Time

Don't feel pity for me, but you know it's bad when you have your first break down on the first day of school. How am I supposed to do it?  How do I find enough time?  There isn't enough time to find!  

How am I supposed to go to school 34 hours a week, do homework, be a Wifey, AND be a Momma?  That doesn't even leave time for blogging, learning Portuguese, exercising, reading good books [textbooks were officially disqualified from the "good books" list in 2012 B.C.], etc.

I've come to the conclusion that it is impossible.  Funny thing is, impossible things can be done.  You just need a few things...

#1: Husband:  
I'm not just talking about any husband.  I am talking about Husband.  He is the most wonderful guy.  He supports me in my goals to become a nurse.  He helps me with homework. He does things around the house that I don't have time for.  He is the best stay-at-home-dad, work-at-Home-Depot, manage Big-Boy-Movers, love-on-his-Wifey guy I know!

#2: Little Boy
Where can you find a cuter, happier, more lovable guy that the one I have?  He has his moments when he's a grump, when he wants to sleep in bed with Momma (don't judge), but I love him to pieces.

#3: Best Friend
Everyone needs a best friend, especially a best friend who knows what it's like to stress about nursing school and balancing and finding time.  I love my bestest friend.  She makes me laugh.  She helps me with homework and projects and clinical.  She lets me whine and complain.

So, here's to Junior 2!  My goal is to catch up on blogging before things really get going...we'll see how that goes.

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