Friday, March 20, 2015

The Dallas Zoo - $5 Admission

We found out towards the end of February that admission to the Dallas Zoo was only $5 for January and February.  We decided we couldn't pass that up.  We had a blast walking around for three hours.  There was a lot to see and my favorite part was watching Hyrum run from exhibit to exhibit.

There was an area where birds would come and rest on your hands or shoulders.  Lindi wasn't too sure of that bird being so close to her personal space, but she was brave and then Grandma saved the day.

This is my new favorite picture of our family.  I mean, come on! Just look as us!  What a happy little family we have.

Hyrum liked posing with all of the animal statues.

This one is also a favorite, so I'll make it nice and big.

My pregnant self was tired after all that walking, but it was such a fun trip, so it was worth it.  The kids were also exhausted.  Hyrum was actually asking to go home and go to bed.  He cried all through the bedtime routine, including family prayer.  About five minutes after the prayer he announced that dad had forgotten to pray for the cheetahs.  So, Dad came back and Hyrum prayed. He prayed that we could be happy and sleep well. Then he prayed, “Please bless the zoo and bless the cheetahs and the lions and tigers and bless the gorillas and monkeys.” I just grinned a great big smile because that boy prays from his heart like no one I know.  After that there were no more tears and he was asleep within minutes.  Love that boy!

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