Friday, March 13, 2015

February 2015 Moments

February...let's see...

We enjoyed free frozen yogurt from Yogurtland on National Frozen Yogurt Day.  Mmmm...just thinking about it makes me want to go back.

Bedtime is Mom's responsibility since Dad works afternoons and evenings at the temple.  Bedtime is hard.  Bedtime means getting two rowdy kids to calm down and listen.  Teeth brushing, jammies, know the routine.  Sometimes it's a fight.  Sometimes there are giggles and happiness.  I like to remember those nights.

We have been working on a compost pile or two in conjunction with our gardening ambitions.  Dad brings home food scraps from the temple cafeteria to supplement it.  Going out to dump and mix the compost is one of the kids' favorite jobs.

We ordered a case of 12 bottles of our favorite green sauce.  What's a family to do when the local Walmart doesn't carry them in stock?  This led to 7 batches of Green Enchiladas for our freezer meal swap with some ladies in the ward as well as lots of homemade salsa!  Dad is a happy dude.

Another project we worked on was helping Grandpa finish and clean his recent rehab house.  He buys ugly houses and fixes them up.  We spent a good six hours over there doing odds and ends.  I mostly cleaned windows and baseboards, mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms and cabinets, etc. etc.  Tony did various construction projects.  The kids were fantastic little helpers and played.  There was never a complaint.  We sure were proud of them for letting us all work.

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