Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Texas Snow

We said so long to sunny, warm Texas weather last week and said hello to snow!

It started to storm on Sunday.  It was mostly sleet and snow all night, which meant icy roads.  Tony was told to stay home from the temple.  That meant playing in the snow some and working for BYU-Idaho some.

The kids, especially Hyrum, were excited about the snow.

Hyrum probably spent an hour playing outside.  Lindi learned real quick that she preferred to stay inside and watch from the window.

The temple closed on Tuesday, which meant we got to keep our dad home AGAIN!  How cool is that?  Having Dad home is Hyrum's favorite thing.  He's always sad when it is a work day.  He would play with his dad all day, every day if he had a choice.

Little did we know that the "snow" we got earlier in the week would look pitiful compared to what we got on Friday!  It just snowed and snowed and snowed...and the temple closed.

Which meant...snow angels and a very sad looking snowman (darn snow wouldn't stick to itself).

The kids will probably talk about the snow for a long, long while.  But, for now we're really anxious for the sun to come out and play.

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