Monday, March 9, 2015


So,we're planning a garden for this coming Spring.  We're praying for better success than we've had in years passed.  We've just never had any luck with getting much production from our gardens.

This year I've been studying Square Foot Gardening and we are going to implement Mel Bartholomew's theories and hope they work.  We're also being a bit adventurous and trying to start a lot of our plants from seeds.  That meant starting our broccoli and cauliflower in January so that they will be ready for planting at the end of March.

They started out strong...

But as of the beginning of March, many of our little seedlings haven't survived!  We're not sure what we're doing wrong, but the do well and then suddenly decide to die.  It's a sad story indeed.  We may be buying transplants after all.

Also, in February we started lettuce and peppers.  The lettuce looks awesome and the peppers are just starting to peek out.  Hopefully we'll have better luck with them than we have with our poor little broccoli and cauliflower....

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