Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lindi Spotlight

This little stinker is a little ray of sunshine at our house.  She is spunky and full of her own opinions, but we love her to death.  We love her grins.  We love when she plasters bananas to her forehead.  We love her even when she purposely bothers her brother because she likes to hear him say "Lindi!!!!!" 

And we love her even when she climbs in the bath, fully dressed, fifteen minutes before it's time to leave for church.  (I still don't understand why I got a "Mom! Lindi's in the bath!" instead of a "Mom! Lindi's trying to get in the bath!")  Oh well, we just laugh, take a picture, and get dry clothes.

She would sleep in Mom and Dad's bed every night if we let her.  She would also strip down to her diaper every night if we let her, but she really does sleep better with her warm, footie jammies on.  She just doesn't know it.

She's also very very very excited to be a big sister.  She loves babies a lot.  She knows there is a baby in my tummy and she loves playing with "Baby Charly" who she got for Christmas.

We love you, Miss Lindi Beth!

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