Thursday, August 30, 2012

Increasingly Jealous

Is it normal to become increasingly jealous of your younger brother?

First of all, he submitted his mission papers to his bishop today.  He's grown a foot or two and they are going to call him on a mission!  I'm a little bit super jealous of this.  I have to wait until I'm old to go on a mission.  I'll have the best companion in the world, though.

So as if that's not enough excitement for one person...

He's going to New York City.  For four days.  With my dad.  For free.

He entered to be a part of the NFL and Nike's Back to Football Photo Day.  And he won.  Seriously.

Is it just me, or does no one ever win those things?  Like no one you even know ever wins those things.  And my brother won.  He just submitted this photo and gave his style in 3 words.

Classy.  Collected.  Casual.

He's just a stud.  That's all there is to it.

Anyway, they fly out to NYC, get picked up in a limo, and stay at the Marriott Marquis in the middle of Times Square.  They have an all day photo shoot party thing (hair and makeup artists included).  He gets to meet the NFL Commissioner (I'm not a football fan, but I know that's a big deal) and other NFL Legends.  They get to go as VIP guests to a Mariah Carey and some other someone concert.  They have plans to see the Empire State Building, Central Park, etc. etc.

All I can say is...I'm increasingly jealous.

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