Wednesday, August 8, 2012

California: Day 1

The Shinkle family had a last big Hoorah! before school started.  It was also the last big family vacation we'll have before Bryton leaves on his mission.  We spent a whole week together in California and we had a blast!

Day 1 consisted of driving, getting settled at the resort, and a little bit of swimming.

Grannie and Pops rented a 15 passenger van so that we could all ride together.  We were so grateful for that van.  We laughed and visited and just enjoyed being together.  (There was a lot of driving because our resort was in Palm Springs.)  Pops was the champion driver.  He got us everywhere we needed to go, even after 14 hour days at Disneyland and 10mph California traffic at midnight.

Auntie Brooke and Uncle Hayden should also win an award for master Hyrum occupiers.  They rode in that back seat together all week and you hardly ever heard a complaint!

Pops will probably complain about these ones, but you gotta love his goofy self.

Coming soon:  Disneyland, California Adventure, and the Redlands Temple.

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  1. i loved seeing brytons pictures on FB of this trip, so glad you could all ride together, because really so many fun memories come from that loooong drive!


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